WISHLIST – Petites Anthropologie

One thing I like to do at the end of the night to rewind from the day, is browsing online clothing stores. I’m in the process of making my wardrobe more height friendly and investing in nicer pieces made specifically for petites. The biggest criteria being is that they have to be affordable.  I am in the process of paying off my debt entirely so I have to spend my money wisely. Although Anthropologie is currently out of my price range, I plan on eventually picking up pieces from them when able to, so in the meantime.. I put together a little wishlist of pieces I am currently fawning over.


Zuma Sleeveless Tunic

Slide View: 1: Sol Angeles Parisian Tee

Sol Angeles Parisian Tee

Slide View: 1: Grace Smocked Top

Grace Smocked Top

Slide View: 1: Veria Peplum Tunic

Veria Peplum Tunic

Slide View: 1: Seneca Tunic Top

Seneca Tunic Top

Slide View: 1: Floral V-Neck Pullover

Floral V-Neck Pullover

Slide View: 1: Freeway Knit Moto Jacket

Freeway Knit Moto Jacket



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