Welcome to my new blog! 

Welcome to my new blog

 … My Petite Zoe! I’ll be sharing my favorite beauty, lifestyle and fitness products, including petite friendly active wear / clothing, gut friendly snacks and self care products. A little bit about me.. I’m turning 31 and a Leo, am first and second generation Greek-Cypriot American, go to spin class everyday, work in the beauty industry, have IBS and other chronic inflammation conditions. I’m also short, and the struggle to find good quality and age appropriate clothing is real. I’m also always looking to try new products out so feel free to send me some recommendations. Thanks for stopping bye! 

Lise Watier makeup and skin care

Have you tried Lise Watier before? Here is a little background on the brand.


A pioneering force of Quebec Inc., Lise Watier was one of the first women to establish herself in the Canadian cosmetics industry, at a time when it had become dominated by large multinationals. Beginning her pivotal career as a television host, where she gained prominence addressing under-represented women’s issues, Lise Watier soon became inspired to help her audience discover its true beauty. This intuition led her to found the Lise Watier Institute, a school devoted to helping Quebec women build confidence and self-determination through a world-class education in beauty, well-being, and personal growth. But as a teacher at the school, Madame Watier became frustrated that no single cosmetic line’s products could meet her needs and those of her students. This motivated her to develop her own line of cosmetics that would live up to her high standards and fulfill her ultimate goal: to highlight the unique, individual beauty of each and every woman.

Founding Lise Watier Cosmetics in 1972, Madame Watier was responsible for both running the day-to-day of the business as well as developping high-quality, innovative products . She soon built the company into one of the largest players in the Canadian beauty market.

For her remarkable accomplishments, both in the beauty industry and beyond, Lise Watier has appropriately been recognized with numerous, prestigious awards. In 2013, continuing in her mission to help women achieve their dreams, Lise Watier retired from her company to fully dedicate herself to other activities, such as promoting and fundraising for the Lise Watier Foundation, a charity devoted to empowering women, particularly those living in poverty. A true example of perserverance and determination, Lise Watier is an inspirational role model to women across the world.