Daily Make Up Bag

Here’s a look at the Makeup I wear on a daily basis..

PRIMER: MAKE UP FOREVER High Definition Primer – This is my go to Primer for Special Occasions due to the steep price. Its lightweight and keeps the HD Foundation in place all day. On a daily basis I use LOREAL Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base (not pictured). The small tub runs around $12 and keeps my makeup together throughout the day. *Primer is required with my foundation

FOUNDATION: MAKE UP FOREVER High Definition in #118 . Definitely worth the $40+ but beware.  It will amplify every single line and crease in your face so it MUST be used with a primer and hydrating moisturizer. I apply with my hands for a more natural look and even coverage.

CONCEALER: MAKE UP FOREVER Full Cover in #7 – I use a foundation brush and apply this to my eye lids, under eyes, cheeks, chin and anywhere else I can still see redness. Perfect coverage, blends well with the foundation and stays put all day.

HIGHLIGHTERS: STILA Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 02 &  JANE Blushstix in Shimmering Peach– I can’t leave the house in just tinted moisturizer so I use these as a cheek and eye highlighters just to add a little shine to my matte face.


EYESHADOW: LOREAL HiP Studio Secrets Crystal Eyeshadow in Darling. Perfect for everyday use. I like to keep my eyes very plain and neutrals are always my go to. I also use Dashing which has Pink and Black Eyeshadow.. The Black I use to line my top eyelids instead of Eyeliner (which I am allergic too) It stays put all day but I’m using too many cream products on my eyes it can cake up so keeping a mirror handy is a must. I use a Medium Brown eye pencil with a little shimmer on my bottom eyelids here and there to balance out my look. But I usually just use eyeshadow.

MASCARA: MAYBELLINE Great Lash Very Black – for less than $5 this Mascara is a great buy. Gets the job done in my coat and never cakes. I’ve used higher end mascaras before and always go back to this one.

And what do I use on my lips: LIPBALM! simple. Sometimes Menthol, Sometimes with a hint of shimmer, Sometimes a Lip Stain (but I have yet to find the perfect shade.) and sometimes Petroleum Jelly. My lips and nice and full so I don’t like to emphasize them that much. So just keeping them hydrated is more of a priority for me, since they tend to get very dry and crack

Products of The Day

Make Up Forever HD Makeup

Don’t think I’ll be buying any other brand of Makeup anytime soon. Covers every single flaw on my face and I don’t even need to use a lot of it. Stays put all day, Doesn’t get flaky or shiny. The Primer is very lightweight and you only need one pump of both of the primer and foundation. I use very little concealer on my eyelids, under eyes and cheeks. Sometimes I’ll apply a little Bare Minerals powder over to set it but it’s not really necessary. I used to use MAC before this and even though it did cover well it broke me out and didn’t last all day. I would also use Maybelline Dream Mousse which did the job but didn’t match my skin tone. MAKE UP FOREVER is a bit on the pricey side but well worth it in the end.