Daily Make Up Bag

Here’s a look at the Makeup I wear on a daily basis..

PRIMER: MAKE UP FOREVER High Definition Primer – This is my go to Primer for Special Occasions due to the steep price. Its lightweight and keeps the HD Foundation in place all day. On a daily basis I use LOREAL Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base (not pictured). The small tub runs around $12 and keeps my makeup together throughout the day. *Primer is required with my foundation

FOUNDATION: MAKE UP FOREVER High Definition in #118 . Definitely worth the $40+ but beware.  It will amplify every single line and crease in your face so it MUST be used with a primer and hydrating moisturizer. I apply with my hands for a more natural look and even coverage.

CONCEALER: MAKE UP FOREVER Full Cover in #7 – I use a foundation brush and apply this to my eye lids, under eyes, cheeks, chin and anywhere else I can still see redness. Perfect coverage, blends well with the foundation and stays put all day.

HIGHLIGHTERS: STILA Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 02 &  JANE Blushstix in Shimmering Peach– I can’t leave the house in just tinted moisturizer so I use these as a cheek and eye highlighters just to add a little shine to my matte face.


EYESHADOW: LOREAL HiP Studio Secrets Crystal Eyeshadow in Darling. Perfect for everyday use. I like to keep my eyes very plain and neutrals are always my go to. I also use Dashing which has Pink and Black Eyeshadow.. The Black I use to line my top eyelids instead of Eyeliner (which I am allergic too) It stays put all day but I’m using too many cream products on my eyes it can cake up so keeping a mirror handy is a must. I use a Medium Brown eye pencil with a little shimmer on my bottom eyelids here and there to balance out my look. But I usually just use eyeshadow.

MASCARA: MAYBELLINE Great Lash Very Black – for less than $5 this Mascara is a great buy. Gets the job done in my coat and never cakes. I’ve used higher end mascaras before and always go back to this one.

And what do I use on my lips: LIPBALM! simple. Sometimes Menthol, Sometimes with a hint of shimmer, Sometimes a Lip Stain (but I have yet to find the perfect shade.) and sometimes Petroleum Jelly. My lips and nice and full so I don’t like to emphasize them that much. So just keeping them hydrated is more of a priority for me, since they tend to get very dry and crack