Petite Friendly Active Leggings May Edition

I’ve recently started spinning this year and the addiction to the bike is real! I find myself not only feeling better mentally and physically, but also investing in more petite friendly active clothes that I know will go the distance and withstand the excessive wear and wash.

Shopping for clothes in general is tough when your 4’11 and have thick hips and thighs. I leggings are ordered in bulk and I will spend a little extra on a pair of jeans that don’t make me feel restrained. Active leggings on the other hand have been a little more difficult to find for me because even in SHORT length, they are still too long. I recently found a solution… Continue reading “Petite Friendly Active Leggings May Edition”

Welcome to my new blog! 

Welcome to my new blog

 … My Petite Zoe! I’ll be sharing my favorite beauty, lifestyle and fitness products, including petite friendly active wear / clothing, gut friendly snacks and self care products. A little bit about me.. I’m turning 31 and a Leo, am first and second generation Greek-Cypriot American, go to spin class everyday, work in the beauty industry, have IBS and other chronic inflammation conditions. I’m also short, and the struggle to find good quality and age appropriate clothing is real. I’m also always looking to try new products out so feel free to send me some recommendations. Thanks for stopping bye!